How to advertise to the right people (target audience)

How to advertise to the right people(target audience)

Today I want to tell you where to start to become effective with your Marketing Strategy and share a Questionnaire to help you identify your Target Audience, but before I do that, let me give you some background.

Behind Jo @ Yo Digital Collaboration and why Digital Marketing is important

I, Johanita, the owner of Yo Digital Collaboration, spent years as the wife of a small business owner, running my husband’s back end of his company helping him grow it. Spending countless hours on social media posting and producing content, unaware of the rules or that it’s a skill and not a random task. 

There was the admin and bookkeeping and sometimes having to speak to highly irate customers who simply choose not to pay, having to write off thousands of Rands because our company is just too small to fight them on a legal level.
We persisted in Marketing and eventually I started getting courses behind my name and a Mentor who helped me excel in various areas.

The marketing started paying off but eventually, my husband’s business became the cause of our disagreements, which made me step down. This is when I started to focus on helping other small companies with their Digital Marketing. Unfortunately, not helping my husband or focussing on his marketing, eventually cost us. We had to start all over again and felt the financial pinch.

So, my advice is, keep going, keep marketing, whether you’re still new to this or not. Do marketing courses and focus on being consistent, providing valuable and relevant information. If you stop the Marketing, the possibility is that you will close your doors.

This year I attended a webinar hosted by the EBL Institute: Business Management & Strategies Masterclass where I had the privilege to learn from Thabo Pitse, Dr. Nthabeleng Rammile and Pro Marketer, Charmaine Brits.  I will forever be grateful to the EBL Institute, not only did I learn new things about Business, Personal Branding and Social Media Marketing, I also won a book by Allan Dib called The 1-Page Marketing Plan, which they delivered that same week still. 

His book opened new possibilities not just in my Marketing Strategies but also in my Business Strategy, in becoming a true entrepreneur and not only a small business owner.

Here’s the tip for this month to start on the right Marketing Foundation, which will help you with your designs and captions, to market to your prospective customer base.

🎯TIP: Know your Target Market!🎯

But how, you may ask. How will I know who my niche target market is because everyone is my target market?

Download this pdf document which you can use to guide you through this process.

I took information I learned from my mentor, Gizela Snyman (Brand Central Station), Alan Dib’s Book and from The Social Media Marketing & Management Masterclass by Robin & Jesper, and created this Detailed Target Market Questionnaire to help you. 

The one thing you need to know is this: EVERYONE IS NOT YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!  We like to think that, but you must be specific if you have a small budget, which most new small business owners have, if you have any that is.  You simply cannot reach everyone organically and if you have a little time and small budget, you need to be specific.  Knowing who you are marketing to, would help you design and advertise for that “person” and write your captions / content / text that aims to solve their problem.

For example, my target market is the small business owner, female, between 40 – 55 years old. She is struggling to lay the right digital foundation, doesn’t know anything about design or keywords.  She’s simply putting stuff on social media and hoping customers will flow in.  She does not have a lead generating website and thinks a Facebook Page is enough.

I help Small Business Owners because I know, the struggle is real, living day to day, hoping your husband makes enough money to pay the rent this month.  I want to help small business owners become effective on social media and I am even willing to share my knowledge, some for free and some at a low price, because if they grow, the economy grows and when the economy grows, we have less people depending on freebies, which brings the pressure of the working class. 

There will always be someone who knows more than you and others you can Mentor.  I believe that if we share the information we have with each other and support one another on the various digital platforms, to share, comment or mention each other when people are asking for a certain service, or even to leave a very valuable Review on Google and Facebook, then we are no longer in competition, we’re in collaboration. 

As a result, we become a community who helps one another grow, grow our businesses and the economy, which in turn can only have positive long-term effects.

Download the Detailed Target Market Questionnaire, and feel free to ask me any questions if you are not sure. After you establish who you are Marketing to, then see that person in your mind each time you create content. Remember to speak directly to them. As my mentor Gizela said: “We speak to them, not about them.”

It would be great if you check out some of our tips on our digital platforms and comment (more than 3 words). We’re a new organisation, so this will also help us grow organically.

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Give it a go, Bye-Yo!


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